Our Second Bone Health Evening and a Contract to Write a Bone Health Cookbook

I am very happy to say that my daughter Laura and I have been invited by the town of Kingston MA to repeat our Bone Health presentation. It was great fun last time. Every seat in the house was taken – 100 people in all – and the entire event was well received. Whole Foods provided raw milk cheese, Hannaford Kingson provided sourdough bread, Bill at Paskamansett Farms provided natural milk and we provided recipes. People told us they learned a lot that was surprising – especially that so many men have osteoporosis and 30% of people who suffer osteoporotic fractures are men. Younger people said they understood how to prevent bone loss with natural food, and people with osteopoenia or osteoporosis felt they could move safely toward a reduction in pharmaceuticals – in concert with their doctors, of course.

The happy outcome was an invitation from Kingston – and a contract from Chelsea Green Publishing, a prominent cookbook publisher, to publish our information and recipes in a bone health cookbook (untitled as yet). We’re excited about this and pleased as punch that so many people will learn how to prevent and treat brittle bone disease. Thank you Chelsea Green Publishing for your confidence in us and your commitment to bone health.