I am proud that such inspiring individuals have taken the time to write about my work. Thank you, my clients, whose talents, encouragement and support keep me always excited about going that little bit further for the better story.

Elizabeth Doughman Editor in Chief, ALN Magazine and ALN World
Helen is an absolute joy to work with. As a freelancer, she always keeps me up to date on her latest ideas for articles as well as status updates on the articles she is currently working on. ALN World deals with a challenging and niche topic, but Helen always dives right in and proposes the most wonderful ideas for content. Even better, she nearly always submits her content well before the deadline which gives me extra time to get each issue ready.

Additionally, in this very niche market, Helen comes up with the most interesting sources who are thought-leaders in the ALN World marketplace. No matter what topic I throw at her, she is always able to find someone who truly knows their stuff to comment or be interviewed.”

David West, Founder and Chief Learning Officer, The Working Manager
have worked with Helen Kelly for many years and was very sorry to see her return to the USA. Helen has been an excellent colleague in all respects, diligent in delivery, creative in developing ideas for articles, active in sourcing material and successful working with people virtually around the globe. Her editorial and writing skills are beyond question. She is thorough and meets her deadlines.

However, it is in interviewing academic luminaries and senior managers in which Helen is truly outstanding. She has been able to get into companies where organisations with a significantly higher profile than ours have failed. She has then written pieces which not only fit our needs but which the target organisation or individual has used for promotion.

If I can amplify these words to add more information, I invite you to telephone me on ++ 44 1708 731609 or email me at

Dr David West Founding Editor The Working Manager Ltd
Direct address 5 Wallenger Avenue Gidea Park Essex RM2 6EP England UK
March 2008

Ed Muzio CEO, Group Harmonics, Inc.
Helen is, above all else, a complete professional who is a trustworthy source of honest information. Her editorial feedback was top-notch and tremendously useful, and her insights into environmental, political, and contextual considerations were even better. She helped me not only to get my point across clearly, but to define it properly too. I’m hoping for more chances to work with Helen again!

Posted at LinkedIn June 2012

Vera Baumans, DVM PhD DipECLAM, Winner, Felix – Wankel – Animal Welfare Research Prize and Em professor in Laboratory Animal Science, Utrecht University

Helen Kelly is an excellent interviewer, grasping the essential and relevant scientific and technical details very easily, and she is a gifted writer. She knows how to write a crisp and clear paper, triggering someone’s interest. It is always a pleasure to work with Helen.  She can be a help to any scientist wishing to communicate ideas and research findings to a wider audience.

Already some years Helen and I have worked together in a very special way. In most cases I present a thought or idea for an article which is worthwhile to write about, often but not always dealing with my research field Laboratory Animal Science issues.  Helen and I discuss the topics, create an outline, select people who might be interviewed and Helen will interview them after we have decided together which questions are important to ask.

Then Helen makes a draft, we discuss that by mail or Skype, I add or change and she completes the article. In this way it has been a pleasure. Ee have produced many articles together and I look forward to producing many more.    August 2016



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