Acupuncture: An Ancient Medical Practice
Does It Belong in the Vivarium

Rigor and Transparency in Biomedical Research – How the NIH is Taking No Prisoners

I appreciate your interest in my work. Developing and writing the latest science articles – providing an objective look at Traditional Chinese Medicine and a close look at the disgraceful practice of massaging research results to fit funding criteria – I have been inspired as never before by research, investigation, interviews and reporting.  The work is invigorating and the results rewarding.

The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook

Notes continue to come in from people taking charge of bone health and for the first time feeling hopeful about arresting osteopoenia and osteoporosis – as I did six years ago.  We are so very happy that our work has helped people prevent and treat bone density decline.

“Calcium supplements and drugs are not the answer to preventing or treating osteoporosis. The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook has the answers that conventional medicine keeps missing. I highly recommend this terrific book.”–Christiane Northrup, MD, ob/gyn physician; author of Goddesses Never Age 






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Below please find example clips in management, science, and health. Science features first; scroll down for Management topics, columns and case studies. Primarily newest first.

Please feel free to copy for personal use and to link – with thanks in advance for the compliment 🙂  Clients own the copyright on all pieces, so please request permission before reposting online or reproducing in print. On behalf of my clients, thank you.

Science Features

Future Proofing the Vivarium

Building Information Modeling 

Male Mouse Isolation with Sara Capdevila PRBB Barcelona

So Many Zebrafish So Little Welfare ALN Magazine

It Takes Guts AlN Magazine

The Life Story of One Hundred Thousand Animals / PRBB Barcelona Designing and Managing the LIMS  ALN Magazine

Preventing Compassion Fatigue in the Vivarium  ALN Magazine

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue in the Biomedical Lab ALN Magazine

Green by Design Innovation in the Design of Biomedical Laboratory Equipment

Primordial Germ Cells / Unravelling the Mystery of New Life
Lean in the Lab / Case Study at MGH Boston
Incorporating an Ethological Perspective to Improve Animal Welfare and

Preventing Compassion Fatigue in the Vivarium
Overcoming Compassion Fatigue in the Biomedical Lab

Data Quality
Fast Tracking Concept to Experiment
Assumptions and the Unexpected / Benedict Berninger
Bringing the Wild Inside
The Animal as Sentient Being / The New EU Legislation: Animals Have Rights in Law
Fast Water / Dawn of a New Era
Natural Valium Acts as a Calming Agent
The Psychobiology of Gene Expression
Green by Design / Innovation in the Design of Biomedical Laboratory Equipment
In Search of Common Purpose / The Case for Open Access Publishing
Environmental Influence on Study Results / The Unanticipated Harmful Effects of Low-Dose BPA
Water Quality Standards ALN
Animal Welfare and Ethical Behaviour are Not Subjects for E-Learning

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Co-author with Laura Kelly
Can Life Experience Shape the Genes We Pass Along
You Are What Who Ate? 

Co-author with Vera Baumans

Lab Animal Care / Guidelines to Good Practice in Housing and Handling
Emerging Issues in Research, Housing and Vivarium Design
Commonly Forgotten Sources of Biological Risk and How to Eliminate Them
Noise and Light in the Vivarium
Bringing the Wild Inside the Lab
Make Every Life Matter
Do Not Routinely Exclude Female Animals and Female Cells

Co-author with Tony James

Policy and Practice Animal Welfare in China
East Meets West – Veterinary Education in China
The Global Rise to Prominence of Ethical Oversight
Challenges to Global Harmonisation
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Health Features
The Heart’s Kitchen BPA Blogpost
Genetically Modified Foods The Heart’s Kitchen
Aspertame Not Now Not Ever
How to Protect Your Telomeres The Key to Better Health and Longer Life

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Example Management Columns
Introducing and Managing Collaboration
The Benefits of Being Happy
Top Tips for Managing Performance Improvement
Want to Influence a Group of People – Start Lobbying
Speaking of Research
Top Tips for Managing Performance Improvement
Personality Clash What’s a Manager to Do
Managing Sustainability in a Regulatory World
Life After Bullet Points
Introducing and Managing Collaboration
How to Hire the Right Person
How to Plan More Effective Meetings
Employee Development A Mixed Blessing for Managers
Encouraging Communication and Team Spirit Dr. Lisa Martin
Buying Online A Surprising Way to Save
Creating a Great Place to Work The Basics
Creating a Great Place to Work Hiring Great People
Creating a GPtoW Developing Great People BOS SCI and ELICA
How to Keep Unhappy Employees from Leaving
Welcoming Innovation The Route to Employee Engagement
Avoiding Expensive Mistakes Small-Scale Testing to Engage Staff and Facilitate Change
A Neurobiological Case for On-the-Job Training
Developing Your Natural Talent to Lead

Why Strategic Plans Stay on the Shelf Michael Beer

Talent Management An Interview with Peter Cappelli

Visual Communication A Brief on Page Design

Psychometric Tests Interview with Malcolm Higgs

Psychometric Testing by Helen Kelly and Malcolm Higgs

Top Ten Tips Presentation Visuals

Managing Performance / Be Clear

ING Direct An Interview with Arkadi Kuhlmann Artist, Philosopher, Entrepreneur

Futures Thinking / A Tutorial by Jerry Glenn, The Millennium Project and United Nations University

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Example Management Features

Managing in a Foreign Culture
Nucor in People Management Magazine
Canpol Babies A Polish Entrepreneur’s Success Story
How Western Organisations are Incorporating Eastern Contemplative Practice
Honest Conversations / A Case Study of Small Company Success /
Corporate Ink
Decision Analysis In Memorium Larry Isaacson
Why Strategic Plans Stay on the Shelf / Michael Beer HBS
Visual Communication A Brief on Page Design
Talent Management Peter Cappelli
Expecting Success / Cowden Associates Inc.
Conducting Positive Performance Appraisals
Where are the Elephants / Gettting Started with Internet Marketing
Lesley Everett Personal Branding
Is your brand really in Google
Decision Analysis In Memorium Larry Isaacson
ING Direct Arkadi Kuhlmann Artist, Philosopher, Entrepreneur
Speaking of Research Angelique Bordey Yale Medical School ALN 2010

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Management Topics

Futures Thinking
Futures Thinking A Tutorial Jerry Glenn

Psychometric Testing
Psychometric Testing Malcolm Higgs
Psychometric Tests Interview with Malcolm Higgs

Six Sigma / Is it For You?
Six Sigma Is It For You?
Six Sigma Michael Reidy’s Story
Six Sigma A Glossary

Appreciative Inquiry / A Positive Approach to Enduring Change
Appreciative Inquiry The Series
Appreciative Inquiry A Positive Approach to Change
Appreciative Inquiry How it Works
Appreciative Inquiry Why AI Works An Interview with Caryn Vanstone
Appreciative Inquiry FAQs

360 Feedback / Performance Assessment as a Route to Organizational Growth
360 Feedback Jake Weiss 
360 Feedback Jake Weiss I
360 Feedback Jake Weiss II
360 Feedback Jake Weiss III

Toppling the Blockade in Diversity
Diversity A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Live Drama Developing the Language of Diversity Management

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Company Case Series

Special thanks to Alan John Hamblin who created PDFs for the Nucor, Siemens, British Telecom, John Lewis and ITV case series.

The Key to Success at Nucor Steel 
Hire the Right People, Give them the Tools and Get the Heck Out of There
Nucor 0 The Series
Nucor 1 Surely It Cannot Be True
Nucor 2 Here Is What They Do
Nucor 3 How On Earth Does It Work
Nucor 4 Meet the People
Nucor 5 How Human Resources Funds the Culture
Nucor 6 Why the Englishman Never Left
Nucor 7 An OD Manager, a Neural Network …
Nucor 8 Nucor’s curious genealogy
Nucor 9 More on Nucor History, People and What the Pundits Say
Nucor 10 The Nucor Case

Nucor in People Management Magazine / Rock ‘n Ore Helen Kelly

Siemens / Strategic Thinking and Return on Investment: The Link
1 Siemens and Strategy Series Page
2 Siemens and Strategy DSPS How it Work Why People Use It
3 Siemens and Strategy How to Hire a Strategic Thinker
4 Siemens and Strategy A Tutorial on Strategic Thinking
5 Siemens and Strategy Dynamic Planning and High Performance
6 Siemens and Strategy Building a High Performance Strategy
7 Siemens and Strategy The Real Role of a Strategic Planner

John Lewis Department Stores / Recovery and the Route to the Top
JL Series Page
JL 1 The Need for Change
JL 2 Mrs. Grainger hands over her baton
JL 3 The transition to high performance
JL 4 Seeing the logic and readiness to change aren’t the same 
JL 5 Preparing the ground for a successful transitionBritish Telecom / Promoting

British Telecom / Promoting Diversity
Openreach 0 The Series Page
Openreach 1 Diversity Champions
Openreach 2 Achieving Diversity Goals
Openreach 3 Diversity Training
Openreach 4 Deversity Training

ITV / Promoting Diversity
ITV 0 The Series
ITV 1 How One Executive Promotes Diversity within Her Team
ITV 2 Bobby Ali’s Story and the Case for Positive Action
ITV 3 Media Foundation Placement Scheme – How a Regional Media Partnership Is Tackling Imbalance
ITV 4 Evolution Not Revolution – Introducing Diversity Organisation Wide

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