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Acupuncture Does It Belong in the Vivarium

Rigor and Transparency in Biomedical Research – How the NIH is Taking No Prisoners

Developing and writing the latest science articles – providing an objective look at Traditional Chinese Medicine and a close look at the disgraceful practice of massaging research results to fit funding criteria – I have been inspired as never before by research, investigation, interviews and reporting.  The work is invigorating and the results rewarding. Thanks to ALN Magazine and my editor, Elizabeth Doughman, for their support.  They have my utmost respect for courage in reporting.

The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook

Notes continue to come in from people taking charge of bone health and for the first time feeling hopeful about arresting osteopoenia and osteoporosis – as I did six years ago.  We are so very happy that our work has helped people prevent and treat bone density decline.

“Calcium supplements and drugs are not the answer to preventing or treating osteoporosis. The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook has the answers that conventional medicine keeps missing. I highly recommend this terrific book.”–Christiane Northrup, MD, ob/gyn physician; author of Goddesses Never Age 






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We are thrilled to know that our Healthy Bones news is helping people around the world to prevent and treat osteoporosis naturally.  This spring the book will be available in Spanish and published in Spain and all Latin American countries, and in German published in European countries where German is one of the country’s principal languages.  Next week Laura by Skype and I in person will present a Bone Health Evening at Alfalfa’s, a two-store group in Boulder and Louisville CO, whose commitment to health through food is quiet and complete.  We are looking forward to that evening with pleasure.  Thank you Alfalfa’s.



Top Customer Reviews
We are thrilled that with our book in hand US and UK readers feel able to take charge of their bone health calmly and with confidence. Here are  the top reviews on Amazon.com and on Amazon.co.uk.  Many and warm thanks to all those who wrote to encourage others.  We appreciate your time.



By awesome dude on October 18, 2016   |Verified Purchase

This book is phenomenal. If you love your, mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, or any women dear to your heart this is the perfect gift. This book will help them stay strong and healthy there is not better present, or better way to say “I love you” to the women around you. The recipes are amazing my entire family loves them, simple but so delicious.

5.0 out of 5 stars   Excellent, scientific, approachable guide to unlocking nutrition that works!       By Antonia on January 30, 2017   |Verified Purchase

I originally encountered this book when my mom introduced me to it, having been looking for natural ways to cope with her severe osteoporosis. As I read through it, I came to realize this book wasn’t just about bone health, but was also a guide to unlocking healing and health for all people through food. I have read many nutrition books but none that have such scientific basis and that clearly articulate why/how nutrition works. I was shocked at how much of my understanding of nutrition was incomplete, and in some cases wrong. Things like how you need to prepare plant based foods to actually unlock their nutritional value, benefits of sprouting, debunking myths about soy, capturing vitamin D by sunning mushrooms, and of course the intricate balance of what combination of vitamins and minerals will give your body the calcium it needs. Dr. Laura Kelly is a brilliant doctor and excellent communicator. She helps you understand the concepts and then puts them into action with meal planning and tasty recipes. I have enjoyed the book so much I have given copies to my friends and family. I highly recommend it!! You will learn much more than you could imagine.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Resource for Professionals and Laymen alike
By CML on October 25, 2016    |Verified Purchase

This book takes a completely new spin on bone health. As Dr. Kelly points out, bone health is not only determined by bone density, but also by bone flexibility. Most current recommendations only take DEXA numbers into consideration, and fall short on delivering results without medications. Dr. Kelly examines all the micronutrients involved in maintaining healthy bones, and gives new recommendations that are seeing results clinically. This book provides its reader with easy-to-understand information, and comes with many great recipes. I frequently recommend this book tommy patients who are concerned about bone health or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and who want to try a more natural approach first. It truly is a must read for anyone with bone health issues.

5.0 out of 5 starsA lot of good information re osteoporosis for a person who thought that …    By Holly Green on February 6, 2017   |Verified Purchase

A lot of good information re osteoporosis for a person who thought that the diagnosis meant EVERY bone in my body. Learning a lot, plus I appreciate having the info there when I have some questions and can easily go through the book to find answers.

5.0 out of 5 starsI love this book because it was created with a purpose …
By Kelly on September 1, 2016   |Verified Purchase

I love this book because it was created with a purpose to save loved ones from a crippling infliction. Not only is the foundation of science guiding the advice sound and relevant, the recipes are delicious!

5.0 out of 5 stars  Love, love
By Suzanne Simone on September 20, 2016   |Verified Purchase

Love, love, love this book. I received within days after ordering and it has become my bible. I am very pleased that the author has written it in “my speak”. I can actually understand her. I highly recommend this book for everyone interested in their health.

5.0 out of 5 starsThis book offers a wealth of knowledge about bone health …
By N. McIntire on February 9, 2017   Verified Purchase

This book offers a wealth of knowledge about bone health and its maintenance. Citing recent scientific findings and analysis, the authors have provided a comprehensive plan to protect and restore overall health that honors both modern research and ancient nutritional wisdom.



Verified Purchase

Really fantastic book full of bone information . I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis and felt daunted until I read this book . I feel there is a lot I can do to improve my condition.Sound nutritional advice and lots of recipe ideas. Sensible, informative, relevant and inspiring.


By Isadora on 8 Oct. 2016

Verified Purchase

A book for those with a holistic view and who like to help themselves. The science is clearly explained; the treatments will enhance one’s whole health and there is hope for those already taking bisphosphonates. It also appears to be very much in line with emerging views on health. There is now a website, and a community forum is in the planning – can’t wait! For me, this is the best book I’ve ready since being diagnosed with osteopenia and I’ve read lots!
 The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook

A Medicine Through Food™ Guide
Dr. Laura Kelly and Helen Bryman Kelly

bookcoverThe book is out and top of Amazon’s bone health book sales. Laura and I hope fervently that women and men will realize they can improve their own bone health naturally, and that physicians will realize there are viable alternatives to the so-called bone health pharmaceuticals. And we hope that everyone will come to understand why supplements, drugs, even calcium-rich foods do not arrest bone loss while the right combination of nutrients do.

Thanks to Fern Bradley, our talented patient editor and everyone at Chelsea Green Publishing. See the book at Chelsea Green’s site  and of course on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk  The book will be out in Spanish and German this winter.

Here’s the gist.

Drugs that claim to prevent or redress bone loss can actually cause bones to crumble and break. Calcium supplements, fortified processed food, and pasteurized dairy don’t work because the calcium in them doesn’t reach our bones. It’s a grim picture, but The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook can help. Coauthors Dr. Laura Kelly and Helen  Bryman Kelly have a firm grasp on the disciplines concerned with bone health, and they show readers a natural, effective, and safe approach to 1/ conserving bone mass by eating the right foods in the right combinations and 2/ building a Personal Nutrition Plan for healthy bones at any age

People who may benefit by cooking for bones are men and women whose bone flexibility and density have waned due among other factors to lowering hormone levels, smoking, a diet dominated by processed foods, chemical treatment for cancer and diseases, rare genetic disorders and hormone imbalances, and lack of estrogen in adolescence due to emotional distress or other medical conditions.  All may benefit by cooking for bone health and many if not most may reduce dependence on prescription pharmaceuticals.

Thank you Chelsea Green for your commitment to better bone health through food.




September 21, 2015

Older News …Bone Health Talks

We’re excited that Kathy Becker at the Shirley, MA Council On Aging has invited us to present information about diet and bone health.  Robinson Farm, Hardwick, MA has kindly offered to provide natural cheese and once again we thank Hannaford for their support in providing organic sourdough bread and rye bread. We would be very happy to see you there.

June 24th   6 pm
9 Parker Rd.
Shirley, MA 01464

The event is, as always,  free.
Register with Kathryn Becker
Director, Shirley Council on Aging
(978) 425-1390

Laura and I look forward to seeing you there. We would be pleased to hear from you and to answer your queries.


Today’s bone health presentation at the Marshfield Senior Center was standing room only and a marvelous audience.  Thanks to Carol Hamilton and Karen Boyle for making everything possible and for a big time technology rescue.  Laura was great. She took more than an hour of questions.

How What You Eat Can Help You Prevent and Treat Bone Loss Naturally

On June 10th at 1 pm in Marshfield MA and on June 24th at 6 pm in Shirley MA (the events are free / see below for details of the venues) I will describe how I stopped a twenty-year progressive osteoporotic bone loss by including in my diet specific combinations of ingredients that strengthen bones naturally. My program does not include pharmaceuticals or calcium pills.

The approach was created by my daughter Laura Kelly, a Los Angeles-based primary care physician. Together Laura and I created recipes and meal plans that others among Laura’s post-menopausal patients are enjoying. Laura will join us via Skype to speak about the science of food and bone health, and to address questions.

For the first event in Duxbury, Whole Foods Hingham and Hannaford Kingston provided tasters of key ingredients that promote bone health. For the event in Shirley, Robinson Farm in Hardwick MA and Hannaford Shirley will provide those ingredients. Thank you warmly to Whole Foods, Hannaford, Robinson Farm and to the local towns that have invited us to share information about strengthening bones naturally.

“Millions of men and women believe that when it comes to preventing and treating bone loss, it’s either drugs or supplements,” Laura says. “But calcium gets to bone only when combined with specific vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Otherwise calcium stays in the body, bonds with other minerals and can get deposited where you don’t want it – in joints and blood vessels.

“That’s why despite $300 million spent on calcium supplements and $450 million on vitamin D the annual osteoporotic fracture-related costs are approaching $20 billion. And as for pharmaceuticals, in short, they can cause bones to disintegrate or break.”

For more than a decade I followed the rules – take calcium pills, choose fortified foods, drink milk, eat lots of cheese, raw greens and whole grains – while osteoporosis got worse little by little, year by year. Furthermore I developed plaque (calcium deposits) in my carotid arteries – unfortunately a frequent side effect of taking calcium supplements – which is nearly gone.

Laura taught me that for most people, diet can be the safe road to bone health. I am excited to share the journey my daughter planned and we took hand in hand. We look forward to meeting you.

The events are free. For more information

June 10th write to
Carol Hamilton  

June 24th
Kathryn Becker
Director, Shirley Council on Aging
(978) 425-1390

6 pm
9 Parker Rd.
Shirley, MA 01464

Laura and I look forward to seeing you there. We would be pleased to hear from you and to answer your queries.




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